Client Reviews

To us, customer service is paramount and you will always have access to your attorney.

"I was referred to Ryan by a friend after getting hit by a car in a crosswalk. He helped me every step of the way and from start to finish was a pleasure to work with. From handling all of the communications with the insurance companies, to helping me find a Physical Therapist. Ryan was always up front about what to expect, and his representation allowed me to turn all of my energy into recovery. It was such a relief to have someone there in my corner to help walk me through the process and to take that burden off of my shoulders. Overall, Ryan was communicative, compassionate, & understanding of what I was going through. I can't think of anyone I'd rather have backing me up, highly recommend if you have a situation requiring legal expertise to reach out. 5 Stars."

— Branden N.

"Ryan is very thorough and detailed in his work. It is evident that he truly cares and is genuinely willing to help you while clearly guiding you through each step. Highly recommend!"

— L.P.

"Mr. Castle represented my family on a rather complex case involving a loved one’s Estate under pursuit by a city entity claiming Eminent Domain law. Naturally this was disconcerting and legal counsel was the best route to take. Mr. Castle explained everything comprehensively and thoroughly; he listened intently and with compassion and understanding of my family’s values and goals. His communication was punctual, his recommendations solid and he executed our case under reasonable fees and to a favorable ending. I highly recommend him."

— J.K.

"During the COVID outbreak I was having trouble understanding my rights as an employee. To make things even more complicated, as we started thinking about getting back to work, I faced the challenge of needing child care but many places weren't open and I also was afraid of leaving my kids with a large group. Ryan was quick to respond and thorough when answering my questions and addressing my concerns. He emailed me details from the Department of Labor about the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and explained about how it applied to me specifically in my industry of dentistry. He was also knowledgeable about the Payment Protection Plan that my employer could take advantage of and what to expect. His legal advice and guidance gave my family and I great peace of mind. Thank you!!!"

— K.M.

"Thanks for your hard work, on-going communication and timeliness."

— RG

“I had the pleasure of working with Ryan Castle . . . and was very satisfied with the legal services he provided across the board. After two of my son’s were shot with a pellet gun, left loaded and unsecured in a private home, I decided to bring a civil cause of action against the parents of the shooter, and the homeowner. Ours was a pretty complicated case. Liability was not at all clear and recovery of any damages certainly not guaranteed. Ryan handled all steps in the process expertly and with high integrity. In the end, he negotiated good settlements for my children and did it in a timely fashion. I couldn’t have been more pleased with Ryan’s work and would highly recommend him to those needing excellent, reliable legal services.”

— Lisa M.

“Your work was excellent and quite thorough.”

— Dallas H.

“[Ryan] turned an unfortunate event to a very positive experience. They handled my case with care, respect and understanding. Words can’t express how grateful I am for their services.”

— Kwabena B.

“My experience with Ryan Castle . . . was excellent. Even though the entire case was handled over the phone and via email, Ryan was thorough, very responsive to my questions and supportive during my legal issue. I always knew that he was working in my best interest to get my case resolved as quickly as possible in a way that would benefit me most. While I hope to never have the need for legal counsel again, there is no doubt in my mind that [Ryan Castle] will be my first choice if I do.”

— Steve C.

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Mr. Ryan Castle on a complicated real estate transaction in the State of Washington.  Ryan represented me on the foreclosure of one of my commercial properties and the sales contract between me and the new buyer. He represented and advised both me the seller and my buyer.  His advice was very practical , candid and accurate. The entire process was wrapped up in a timely and satisfactory manner for me and my buyer. I would not hesitate to use Ryan in the future!”

— John M.

“Ryan and my team of attorneys were fantastic in handling my medical malpractice claim. This was a stressful process for me, but they held my hand and were always quick to answer my questions in detail. Certainly not like the attorneys you see on TV. They actually cared. And they were able to reach a settlement quickly that I felt was fair compensation for my injuries. I would recommend Ryan . . . for any personal injury matter you have! They will treat you like a member of the firm, not just a number!”

— Erica S.

“Ryan, Thank you for all the advice, support and friendship you have extended to us during these past few months.  It was helpful to know someone like you was with us. Your knowledge of insurance law eased our minds so we could focus on a positive future and healing process for our son.  Thank you so much.”

— Carol and Jeremy B.

"All I can say is our dispute has been settled without going to court! All [due to] Ryan’s work.... [A]nd the only part we did not like about the support from Ryan was we actually never met him in person and yet everything worked out well.Thanks so much Ryan!"

— Greg and Vicki R.